Away day fun.


This is the story of our first 'official' away day.  Left (in blue felt tip) is the correct route back to our coach.  Below, in red (in next text box) is the even better route chosen by most members of our Branch.

I blame myself.

By avoiding the official away fans’ coach park we were also able to walk to the Hawthorns as their fans do.  What is it with these Baggies and pork?  Everywhere you looked some body was roasting a pig or grinding the rind into bags.   “Get yer pork chop on a bun here”.  I’ve never noticed this before.   It must be a Brummie thing.   We ignored it and settled for the more traditional lamb or chicken tikka with rice at ‘The Vine’.   But it’s not just pork stuff and the wide choice of grub you could buy.   There was also a brilliant stall selling bags of sweets for 50p each.   Not a bad selection either. True,  many were in colours that are not available in nature,  but who cares?   There were also loads of different flavours too including ‘red mate’,  a new one for me there.   This you may feel compares well with the pathetic bag of smarties available for £1.35 ish at Eastlands.   I bought 2 quids worth and I hope to be able to feel my tongue and the roof of my mouth again sometime tomorrow.

continued below...

away day fun continued...

Inside there were the usual comedy stewards and coppers on double bubble.   I find that asking  “Why don’t you fill your overtime docket in while your stood there doing nothing? ” usually gets a good response.   Sitting/standing on the front row I was lucky to be closer than I’d like to be to a couple of the usual stewards.   They spent the entire match trying to get people to sit down, then for the last 5 minutes they stood up in front of the stand so we all had no choice but to stand. I asked the one opposite if it was now ok to stand.   No answer.   I then asked him if he and his mate next to him wouldn’t mind standing sideways because I couldn’t see anything because of their well proportioned physiques blocking the whole pitch.   I think I said that anyway.   No answer.   “Oi,  fatty,  could you take your Christmas cracker earring off,  the dazzle from the floodlights is blinding me.”  

Now that got a response.

See you next year?