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An old newsletter, parts of which will be old and out of date.


Halloween newsletter  Manchester City Centenary Supporters Association
Morecambe Bay Branch

Bonfire Newsletter 2005 (expanded version).

The meeting at The Jubilee Club was well attended by about 25 people and most people there expressed their opinions during the evening. The agenda carried on from the last meeting with some members keen to know exactly what the situation was with Lance. Did he really want to relinquish the ‘top job’ or would he just like to delegate a bit more instead? It was felt that the position was uncertain and some members were reluctant to move on as they did not want to be disloyal to Lance.

Jim and Neil F. both explained that in recent conversations and emails with Lance they were of the firm opinion that Lance would relinquish his position if he felt the club would pass into safe hands in an ordered way with a solid structure. If this were done, Lance, with increasing other commitments, would happily stand aside.

When this was clear, everybody was happy to move on but not before we expressed our appreciation to Lance for what he had achieved over the years. There would have been no club without him. Neil F. wanted to point that probably our best day as City fans in years was at the Playoff Final and Lance had arranged that day and that many of us could not have gone without the club. Neil H. reminded everyone that Lance had bought most of the tickets on his credit card for that game.

It was decided that Lance would be offered the post of Life President of the Club as a mark of our respect and appreciation for his all his efforts.

After some discussion the new officers are:

    Chairman - Chris T****
    Secretary - Neil F***
    Treasurer - Billy C*********
    Travel Secretary - Jimmy N****
    Life President - Lance T*******

There was also much appreciation shown to Paul B**de (ex treasurer) for all his work over the years. Paul now attends fewer games and he felt the position should now pass to somebody who is a regular on the coach.


It was agreed that the immediate focus should be on the coach travel and encouraging more to travel with us. Jim asked people there who previously travelled on the coach but had stopped, why they had made this decision. There were many reasons suggested through the years; from a beer ban (that’s the law unfortunately), a lack of ciggie breaks (five minutes at Bolton Services was suggested), also ‘time of return’ problems over the years played a part. It was pointed out that this problem was now in the past.

The coach stops at the pub (Mary D’s) and Asda on the way down and parks two minutes from the stadium. We return promptly and are back in Dalton Square comfortably by 6.20 most (Saturday 3p.m.) matches.

This was a very good service and it should be attractive to members and a real selling point for us.


It was also agreed to ‘leaflet’ the university as it was felt that there must be Blues there. Phil Williams did this (thanks). We have had a couple of emails on this so far and other Blues have been hunted down!


The area where it was most difficult to reach agreement was the arrangement of meetings. It was felt that without a guest the meetings can fall flat. But as MCFC won’t now allow players to come up to the frozen north then we need to think of something else. Possibilities are:

Attend MCFC arranged Fans’ forums.
Attend other branch meetings (Wythenshawe, Reddish etc. they are very good apparently)
Contact Fleetwood/Barrow/ Blackpool branches for a joint meeting either at Comstad or a mutually agreed venue if we can persuade MCFC to release somebody to come, or find an ex player or somebody associated with the club. These people are usually more interesting as they are not tied to the Club ‘line’.

No conclusion was reached but we need to examine this area quickly as it is the best way to keep our club thriving.

If there is enough interest shown then I have agreed to hold a meeting centred on a City quiz (complete with video, picture and a sound round) Perhaps in the spring and definitely a fun but interesting quiz not one just for the anoraks. What do you think? Who’s in your team?


On a related matter Sue Dob*** felt that when she had attended meetings in the past she did feel a stranger and that we could be friendlier towards newcomers; bearing in mind that we were hoping to attract new people on to the coach then it was up to all members to make sure that everybody was made to feel welcome and included. Phil D*** and Angela have agreed to ‘mentor’ (yeuch!) new members.


For the next (and in the future) home game you need to tell Jim when he comes round with the clipboard on the coach. If you are not on the coach and need to book for the next game then please contact Jim at least a week in advance to guarantee your place. Jim will be booking the most economic coach one week before the game. We cannot guarantee that there will still be places on the coach if you try and book closer to kick off.

Phone or text Jim on 07774 29 ** **

(use email please if accessing this newsletter from the internet)

Membership issues.

The price of membership will remain at £10 per household whether there is one person or a dozen people there. £2 of each membership goes to Manchester City Centenary Supporters’ Club. The membership year runs from 1st August to the end of July. Please feel free to pay now if you can but membership forms will go out in the next newsletter, which will now be before Christmas. You can pay Billy on the coach anytime.


  I will get all the email addresses mobiles etc up to date and out to everyone so we can communicate better with each other. In the meantime, why not register with the forums at and try and work out who “blue angie” (now let me see…..) and “he’stheleftbackremember” are!

I’m also working on a City based blog/website for us which will be up and running very soon. There will be more information when I get it up and running. I’ll post this newsletter up there as well as the usual stuff.
The next newsletter one will be in a more newsletterier format, with logo, badge, hundreds of hilarious jokes etc. If you want to contribute then I’m at…
Any other thoughts, suggestions etc to Jim, Chris, Billy, Lance or me at the usual contact points. Don’t be shy now.

flag stories

We finally found the branch flag!   Many people thought that it set fire to itself after we lost at York in 1999 or threw itself off Blackpool Tower just weeks later after a truly dreadful  nil nil draw at Bloomfield Road. 

But no, the last definite siting was at Bradford by Neil and Phil on the night Jonathon Macken made his City debut. 

After an exhaustive search our flag was found exactly where it was left my the person who had it all the time.


The flag has now been sprayed with ‘Febreeze’ and will brought with us on the coach to all home games.  Your first chance to see it will be at the AGM.

If flags could speak, what tales it could tell...