Welcome to the legendary website of the Morecambe Bay branch of the Manchester City Football Club's Centenary Supporters' Club.

We are now concentrating on our Facebook Group for travel and other business, go to Facebook  and then search for ..............Morecambe Bay Manchester City Supporters' Club.  It might be easier to copy and paste it; don't forget that apostrophe!  You can still contact us by email, here.

Membership form

Please find immediately below, a link for a membership form.  It is a word.doc
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travel details are now mostly on the facebook group but the principles are here

We will be going to a lot more away games this season, so please keep in touch, click on 'contact us' to well, contact us.


now edited, not to cause too much confusion 


So far, this is the same as last year.  Please remember to let Marj know as soon as possible if you cannot come, please be prompt in communicating if you are not coming.


We have registered our Supporters’ Club with City’s ticket office.  This allows us to easily buy tickets for away matches. The system is that we need to email the club 6 weeks before the match for which we want tickets. I will need the patron number of everybody that is interested. I have registered my credit card with the club so you can pay me.  So if you want tickets please contact me before the ‘cut-off’ date (see facebook group).    Another advantage is that we can if we want get all the tickets together so we’re not split all over the ground, which will be useful if we go by coach.  You still get the loyalty points.


We do not hold meetings anymore. It is not practical. We meet on the coach, to be a member you should normally travel on the coach.  In order to get away tickets you must be a member.  I  We need the numbers on the coach to be viable and survive. The rule has to be that if we're running a coach to an away game then you'll be expected to travel on that coach.

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING was held on 25th February 2008 on a 'Traveller's Choice' coach on the M61.  This is what may or may not have happened.

Morecambe Bay Branch
Manchester City Football Club
Centenary Supporters Association


1 Minutes of last year’s meeting.
2 Treasurer’s report from Billy.
3 Secretary’s report.
4 Re-election or election of officials.
5 Any other business.

This was without doubt our best ever attended AGM.  There was a heated debate, mainly concerning Phil’s increasing girth.  Though hotly denied, the evidence was there for all to see.  Years of eating chilli and rice for lunch with a side order of a bacon butty was bound to take its toll.  Atilla the Hun was elected chairman when people were distracted.  The treasurer’s report is a damned good read and I whole-heartedly recommend it to you all. Marj was voted as top member of the year. It was also agreed than ‘Brimstone’ is superior to ‘Reaper’ but ‘Battlestar Gallactica’ knocks them both into the old cocked hat.  Southern Comfort is distilled with peaches.

We welcomed a new member- Chris Pike; and it is my unpleasant duty to tell you that three members identified his name as being the same as the original Captain of the Starship Enterprise. (He was in the cancelled pilot episode).  There is no way back from this level of anoraksia.  The meeting closed.  Neil Clayton slept through it all.  See you next year?


Some ways  to get in touch with us.

Probably the best way to contact us is by email.  The email address is  I usually access this daily.  We also have a branch mobile but for obvious reasons I don't want to leave the number here but I will be happyto email it to you.  The branch mobile is mostly used for booking yourself on to the coach.  Most people just text it or leave a message; this again is accessed daily.  When we meet we can swap phone numbers and we really could do with a mobile contact number for you,  just in case you get lost! (See the West Brom story).  From this season there will be no more mailouts;  we'll be using this website,  email newsletters and word of mouth.

How to book on the coach

For the next and future home games you need to tell Margorie when she comes round with the clipboard on the coach. 
If you are not on the coach and need to book for the next game then please contact Marjorie at least a week in advance to guarantee your  place.   
Marjorie  will be booking the most economic coach one week before the game.  

We cannot guarantee that there will still be places on the coach if you try and book closer to kick off.  I can't stress enough how important this is.

Travel: How it works.

The general rule is that we leave Morecambe two and three quarter hours before kick off.  The coach arrives at Dalton Square 15 minutes later and then proceeds down the A6 picking up all the way down to the M6 at junction 33.  We will happily call in at the university and pick up/drop off at the top roundabout. 

This 'general'  rule counts on Sundays and for all evening kick-offs.  Any changes and you will be informed.  It sounds a bit complicated but there have been too many (cups for) cock ups in the past.  The real lesson is don't leave it to chance,  book early and be where you supposed to be at the right time.

We leave reasonably early to go down as some people like to go the pub,  some to ASDA,  others to wander or read.  The consensus was that this was the best fit.

Coming back,  we leave very quickly, so do your shopping first.  right at the front of the coach part of the North car park and we are usually back in Lancaster at about 6:15 which I reckon beats most cars.

Morecambe Bay Blues, a short history.

The club was founded by Lance Thomson, now our life president, in 1996.  At one time there were well over a hundred members.  We even took a double-decker coach to the Play-off Final in 1999.

We've had plenty of quality guests up to Morecambe and Lancaster, including Shaun Goater, Peter Barnes and Dennis Tueart.   As with all these things, people find other ways to Manchester or no way at all in some cases.  Another problem we had (as did many branches) was MCFC's change of policy on not allowing players to attend meetings.  We struggled to get other guests and membership did fall.  Not as far as some branches though which have closed.

However we have stabilised the ship now and we attend all home games.  We go down to Eastlands for the Fans' Forums and like to thing we have a branch meeting on the coach every time we go 'home'.

We like to think we're a friendly bunch, so if you fancy joining us then please get in touch.